Wiki FAQ


I do not see an edit button, how can I edit?

If you do not see the button to edit the page it is likely that you are not a member of the wiki or not logged in. To join the site simply Enter the Password on the join page and then you will be all set up. At that point there will be a link at the bottom of the page to edit the current page.

I'm editing a page but the edit box doesn't look like the page I am trying to edit. What gives?

Most of this site uses page templates to ensure every page in a section looks roughly the same. This means that all you can edit is the template filler. Each of these items are separated by several equal signs (=) and blank lines. Depending on how old the page is, there is likely to be a comment in each section explaining what it is. Hopefully looking at the edit box and scrolling up to the page itself you can match up the text below with the text above and figure out which section to make changes in.

If the information you are trying to add really doesn't fit anywhere on the page at this time post something in the forums. Either the template will be changed or someone will come up with a different way to add the information.


Where do I complain about incorrect information?

The best place is probably the forums. However, since this is a Wiki and anyone can join and edit it, there should be no reason to complain.

Where do I complain that this wiki ruins the game?

Please don't bother. Everyone involved is perfectly aware that this wiki provides detailed information about game mechanics, locations, monsters, etc. It's why most of us are here. If you must, head on over to the forums but don't expect to find many sympathizers. There is also a comment link on every page. Feel free to use it.

The navigation of this wiki sucks. How can I get around more easily?

Aside from the immediately obvious method of clicking links, if you want to get to a specific monster, location, etc. you can enter it's name in the "add" box. If the page already exists you'll get a warning and a link to go visit that page. If you have a suggestion for better navigation head on over to the forums and suggest away.


I stumbled on this wiki and this game looks like fun, how do I play?

It's far too surprising that you would find this wiki without searching for it. Even then it barely shows up in Google results. It's far more likely that you play already! The game is currently found on Facebook, Myspace, and Meebo. You can play it on all three services as three completely different characters. The three services do not interact in any way - the leaderboards, raiding, etc are all specific to that service.


My question isn't answered here.

That's not a question. Head over to the forums to ask an actual question.

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