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South Sea
You dove to the sunken ship and used 6 stamina points and you gained 21 experience points

Iron Helmet
Def: +5

You received 4 Iron Helmets
See the

I think the people here know it. sonny8p is just posting what he really can confirm, although, yes, all about Viri's quest can be gotten from somewhere else with even pretty reliable source.
By the way, I think your drop list for the markets is not consistent. For "Kalamar Market" you give a total percentage that a drop will occur along with what components can be drop. The same actually has to be true for "Ironthal Market" as well. The "18%" is the chance that you will get something at all. So multiple drops should be possible too, but since the single chance for each of the 10 items dropped at "Ironthal Market" is only 2%, the chance that a double drop occurs is 0,04%, which is not very likely.
What interest me is, whether you can confirm that when a drop is hit, you will get 1 to 3 of that item? This would be important, because then maybe "Ironthal Market" could become an alternative for Viri's hit list. What this basically means is that the drop rate increases from 2% to 4%. But for some reason I really doubt that because of this thread on the "Hammerfall Forums":
It's a "Ironthal Market" analysis, and it's done without the "fast-click"-method. The user registered every single click, otherwise he wouldn't be able to know that he hit a Two Item drop, which is the rare case I was talking about above. But at no time in this analysis does he mention that he got 2 or 3 of ONE item type at a time. So yeah.

Re: You should update the VIRI QUEST here by (account deleted), 03 Jul 2009 22:10

I noticed that your VIRI QUEST information here is still really incomplete. This has been posted at the MySpace Forums since April. Here is the COMPLETE list of VIRI REQUIREMENTS so that you can update it….


The items dropped by each chest are still being compiled but I'll get you the list of what we KNOW for certain (it's a lot more than you have listed here).

Thanks I think you are right about it opening after the Cave Troll. I'll know soon enough, I'm replaying the game to write my Advanced Tutorial.

If you would like to check out my Basic Tutorial it's at

You must be signed into wiki. Then after the post you'll see "reply" and "options" the options button gives you three choices…"permanent link", "edit", and "delete."

Re: How do I delete entries
(account deleted) 25 Jun 2009 15:34
in discussion The Game / The Wiki » How do I delete entries

bump, just in case you forgot it.

Re: How do I delete entries by (account deleted), 25 Jun 2009 15:34

It's been long since, but I too believe you have to finish the two quests on either side first. I even vaguely remember, that after I beat Darkfang (did Cave Troll first), it says something about a new path to the brigde having been unlocked, or at least when you arrived at Chandrabrook there is some kind of hint, but I'm not so sure either.

Re: chandabrook bridge refresh my memory by (account deleted), 22 Jun 2009 08:07

I'm not sure anyone know what exact event opens it. I believe you have to complete both the east and west paths.

Did not take good notes at the beginning and having trouble remembering what Quest opens up the "North to Chandabrook Bridge" trip at Chandabrook?

I checked the Wiki here and it doesn't tell me…


Sgt Renald definitely requires a Forest Dragon. He also requires a Demoneater which you either get from the Boss fight in Oakwood and only after you have completed Oakwood in its entirety. If the Dragon doesn't drop a Demoneater you use the March to the Road Split option on the page and Sgt. Renald will be waiting there to talk to you and will give you a Demoneater.

Oh, by the way, Chocolate is not just a Valentines day gift, you can get all the Chocolate you want on the Road to Ironthal.

If there are any NEW players out there who would like to try a Basic Tutorial for the game I have written one. The ADVANCED TUTORIAL is being written and will be out soon enough.

If you want to check it out try


This has been constantly bugging me. Every time the Wiki discusses monsters or quests that drop MULTIPLE items they use these WHACK formulas to determine the OVERALL drop rate. It's nice fancy looking math and makes it look official but look, it is NOT rocket science (the drop rates on multiple items).

Here's an example from Coyote:
11 Sapphire Ring after about 220 kills (5%)
On FB the drop rate is 43%. What is the value on MySpace?
In case anyone is wondering why the values above (40% and 5%) doesn't add up to 43%, it's because 43% is the value that something will drop at all. It incorporates a Straw only drop (95%*40%=38%), a Sapphire Ring only drop (60%*5%=3%) but also a Straw+Sapphire Ring drop (40%*5%=2%). Hence the value that nothing will drop at all is 60%*95%=57%, thus 43% is the chance that anything will drop at all.

Ridiculous. If I fight the Coyote 100 times and I get a 40 percent drop rate on straw that's 40 straws! If I get a 5 percent drop rate on Rings that's 5 Rings!

The TOTAL amount of items that dropped in that 100 battles is 45! That's 45 percent DROP RATE babe! No IFS, ANDS OR BUTS!

Incidentally, I've fought the Coyote ONE THOUSAND times! I was able to sustain a 44 percent drop rate on straw and a 5 percent drop rate on rings!

The game says 43 percent drop rate on STRAW and guess what, 44 percent is as close as it gets!

Where you get the 40 percent drop rate on straw is probably because you don't know how to fight the monsters (it matters in case you don't know)

Re: How do I delete entries
(account deleted) 17 Jun 2009 17:02
in discussion The Game / The Wiki » How do I delete entries

Hi, I went through the "Drop Item" list and notice that a few things are not correct. Can you fix it?

To be Added:
Ice Dragon Claw

To be Removed: they all belong in "Key Items"
Blackened Leaf, Daniel's Help, Dendros Tree Potion, Dragon Egg, Hiked Through, Peak Climbed, Pearl, Tattered Map, Treasure Map, Wood

Herb (entirely, it's already enlisted in "Food")
Magdeline (entirely, it's not a drop of anything)
See Worthy (should be in "Stat Items")

Re: How do I delete entries by (account deleted), 17 Jun 2009 17:02

The wiki is created and I moved over a lot of the templates and such from here. The terminology has changed and there are different categories of items, etc. I don't have a good feel for the game yet and I won't be able to try it in earnest for a while still. I'll check on the forum over on that wiki and PMs if anything is needed to be added/changed. I should be fairly responsive to that as time allows.


I'd be happy to set that one up but first I have to see what the game looks like and make sure everything kind of copies over. It may take a little bit since I'm actually away from a steady Internet connection.

Is there anything on the current wiki that should be changed in the new one? I know some of the templates have a problem where I added fields to the bottom.

Any one interested in starting the wiki for Escape from Elthirai
same genre as Hammerfall, way better than "Office Politics"

don't mind updating new pages for EfE, just don't know how to set up the general template similar to Hammerfall.

Re: Add Job ID?
AardWolf98AardWolf98 12 Jun 2009 16:55
in discussion The Game / The Wiki » Add Job ID?

I modified your greasemonkey script to change line 2157 to read:

jobIdentify.innerHTML = '<div style="width: 120px; padding: 2px; margin: 2px; text-align: center"><nobr><b>Job ID: <a style="color: #BBBBFF; text-decoration: underline" target="hfwiki" href="' + formId + '">' + formId + '</a></b><br /><b>' + section + '</b></nobr></div>';

Re: Add Job ID? by AardWolf98AardWolf98, 12 Jun 2009 16:55
Re: Add Job ID?
AardWolf98AardWolf98 12 Jun 2009 00:42
in discussion The Game / The Wiki » Add Job ID?

This one was tricky… If you go to job:number you can now set up a redirect… I think examples are needed:

533 goes to Onx

If you want to see the source for job:533 go to [[]] (put /nodirect/true behind any job:### to go to the actual page).

If you go to a job:### that does not yet exist hit the edit link. Replace the comment in the page with where it should go (in the example only the text "monster:Onx" without the quotes was on the page). Clear as mud?

Re: Add Job ID? by AardWolf98AardWolf98, 12 Jun 2009 00:42
Add Job ID?
Dusty WilsonDusty Wilson 10 Jun 2009 21:37
in discussion The Game / The Wiki » Add Job ID?

In the game, each action has a unique ID number. Can we add these ID numbers to the wiki? These are useful for anyone making scripts to interface with the game.

For example:

538 is Goblin @ Throncrest (on quests screen, to begin battle)
523 is Vikram @ Chandabrook Bridge (on quests screen, to begin battle)
1494 is Vikram @ Kalamar (on quests screen, to begin battle)
776 is Dragon Flesh (to use during any battle)
1321 is Dragon Tear (to use during any battle)
373 is Power Up spell (to use during any battle)
722 is Head West @ Lindellin Forest 3 (to go to LF4 from LF3)
1035 is Fish (Sinking Lure) @ Across Grandeur Lake (to fish)
1036 is Fish (Spinning Lure) @ Across Grandeur Lake (to fish)

Add Job ID? by Dusty WilsonDusty Wilson, 10 Jun 2009 21:37
Re: making money
Dusty WilsonDusty Wilson 05 Jun 2009 20:50
in discussion The Game / General » making money

I make my fortunes in Dumplings. I've probably made 3-4 million on that alone. I hope it doesn't get gimped since I mentioned it.

Re: making money by Dusty WilsonDusty Wilson, 05 Jun 2009 20:50
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