Barrenhoff Cave Road 1

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  • Zasoby A jungle tracker
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 7
    • Drops
      • XP: 20
    • Comments: Opens Earth Elemental
    • I am the greatest tracker around here. It may take me some tries, but I'll find an Earth Elemental for you. You talked to Zasoby and used 7 stamina points and you gained 20 experience points. I told you I could find an Earth Elemental for you. That was really easy. Let me know if you want me to track you another one down.
  • Polun A mischevious boy
    • Requirements
    • Drops
      • XP: 40
    • Comments: Occurs once, this quest doesn't unlock anything. You can get the Nakule items without doing this quest.
    • You used 3 Earth Elemental Leaves. You talked to Polun and used 6 stamina points and you gained 40 experience points. So you are looking for whoever stole Nakule's treasure? If it wasn't that dwarf, it had to have been my siblings. The rest of them are up ahead on the path. Go quiz them. Polun revealed to you that up the path ahead is his siblings who may know what happened to Nakule's treasure.


  • Earth Elemental
    • Defeating Earth Elemental hides this monster; you must have Zasoby track you another one to attack this monster again.




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