Falhill Bridge

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Black clouds of smoke appear to be rising in certain areas outside the city of Falhill.

  • RiddleMaster
    • Requirements
    • Drops
    • Comments: Occurs once
    • Four kids are walking through the forest at night. Among them they have one lantern to light their way. It's a thick forest, and the trail they're on isn't very well tread. The four companions follow the trail to an old wooden bridge over a large chasm. There's no way to get across the chasm without crossing the bridge. The bridge itself isn't in the greatest of shape, either. The four figure that it can only hold two of them at once, and no more. What's more, the bridge is missing some boards, so the two who are crossing will have to have the lantern. They can't all cross at the same rate though. The first person can cross the bridge in one minute. The second can cross it in two. The third can cross in five minutes, and the last in ten. Finally, it's getting really late, and the four young people don't want to be out in the middle of the forest much longer. Bring me the amount of magical balloons equal to the shortest amount of time they can cross the bridge.
    • "That's it! You got it. 17 minutes was the solution. Take this, it's a key I found in the city. I'm not sure what it leads to, but you may find it useful."
  • Fish Under Bridge
  • Explore River Bank
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 7
    • Drops
      • XP: 20
      • Gold: 180-300
      • Item(s) (5%):
    • Comments: Drops stamina x4 (Hmmm… Do you mean Max. Stamins +4? Stamina x4 comes from Moon Boots). 5% is a very frustratingly slow drop. For hours, I have had no drop, so cannot confirm what is dropped! Presumed broken. Definitely does not drop stamina x4.
    • Comments 02: I sacrifice a whole day to see whether this quest actually drops anything. 60+ tries and still nothing is dropped, therefore I too believe this quest is bogus. If you read this just edit the number of tries to reflect the failed attempts that this quest has in total so far.





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