Kalamar Catacombs Tower

Locations ยป Kalamar Catacombs Tower


  • Sneak Behind the Guards
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 6
    • Drops
      • XP: 35
    • Comments: Occurs once, opens "Climb the Tower"
    • You used 6 stamina trying to sneak by the guards. Keep trying to get by the guards without being noticed.
    • You successfully sneaked past the tower guards. You can now climb the stairs.
  • Climb the Tower
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 6
    • Drops
      • XP: 50
    • Comments: Occurs once (but may have to be repeated until you succeed), opens "Tower Chest", "Gather Books"
    • You climbed some of the stairs and you used 6 stamina. Keep climbing, you are almost there.
    • You made it to the top room. There is a small library and a treasure chest.
  • Tower Chest
  • Gather Books
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 6
    • Drops
    • Comments: You will soon need at least 1 stacks of books. Gus looks through them for a spell page, and each time the stack is consumed. Until Gus drops the spell page, you need fresh stacks of books (which are consumed at each attempt with Gus).





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