Oakwood Forest Dungeon 3

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There appears to be a figure up ahead dressed in a cloak made of wolf skins.

  • Tempest Druid
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 4
    • Drops
      • XP: ??
      • Gold: ??
    • Comments: Occurs once, enables Chase the Druid quest
  • Chase the Druid
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 4
    • Comments: Occurs once, generates a maze
    • You petty humans are no match for my powers!
    • The druid took off into the woods.
    • The druid is running through the forest, try to outsmart him and block his path.
    • Chase Right - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Right - Right
    • The druid tripped on a log. Confront the druid while they are down.
    • You stopped the druid. Engage him in battle while he is too tired to run.
    • Upon her death: "Amrit…beware of these warriors. They are stronger than we thought…"
    • The druid revealed a swamp to the East. The other druid might be able to reveal a path through it.



  • East (to Oakwood Forest Dungeon 1) requires
    • Stamina: 1



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