Oakwood Forest Dungeon 6

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Yet another Tempest Druid blocks your path. A powerful aura surrounds him. You question whether you and your men will be able to challenge him successfully.

  • Tempest Druid Standing in the forest
    • Requirements
    • Drops
      • XP: 50
    • Comments: Occurs once, reveals Dreamcutter Dragons.
    • "I will not tell you where Amrit is. You say he wants to destroy all of Anthor? That is a lie—he simply seeks justice for the crimes you humans have committed over the centuries. Once that is achieved, he will cease his attacks. Now unfortunately, you must die."
    • The druid summoned a few Dreamcutter Dragons to stop you.
  • Tempest Druid (After Defeating Dreamcutter Dragons)
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 4
    • Drops
      • XP: 12
    • Comments: Occurs once, after defeating the Dreamcutter Dragons, this quest becomes active, and must be done to activate the March to the Road Split (a shortcut). Until you have done this quest, access to Guldin Falls is blocked.
    • "Let me see those papers…these are Amrit's plans. He actually intends to create an indestructable army up North to destroy all civilizations on Anthor! I did not know this. He has gone far beyond the desire for retribution. He has given his mind over to madness! Very well, I will help you, though I must defect now from the Tempest Druids. Amrit has gone north into the mountains above Guldin Falls. Stop him if you can."
    • You need to get to Guldin Falls as fast as possible. Go back to Kyndale and the mainland, then get to Guldin Falls through Avgard. Amrit must be stopped before he builds this mysterious invincible army. You can march to north of Kyndale if you want to.





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