Shortcut To Guldin Falls 1

Locations ยป Shortcut To Guldin Falls 1


  • Bard A miner
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 6
    • Drops
    • Comments: Occurs once
    • "Are you going up into the mountains? Theres pretty much only two things up there. Mines, and beasts. Be careful. Here is something that will help you on your journey."
  • Doho Seeking treasures
    • Requirements
    • Drops
      • XP: 40
    • Comments: Occurs once (and unlocks "Head North into Ward Dungeon").
    • "Thank you for fixing this map up for me. As I suspected, the treasure is supposed to be somewhere up in these mountains."
    • Doho shows you the best route to get up into the Ward mountains.





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