Thistledown Beach

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  • Arch Druid Jared
    • Requirements
      • Stamina: 2
    • Drops
      • XP: 15
    • "Good, this is better. You must undersand why Amrit is fighting. In the beginning, when the gods created Anthor, they attributed one of the four natural elements to each of the four main races. Dwarves' element was Earth, solid and reassuring. The Humans' was Fire, filled with ambition and energy. The Orcs' was Water, always spreading and adapting itself to other places. Finally, the Elves' was Air, untamed and free, capable of gentle subtlety or relentless brutality. If one race is destroyed, the balance of the natural world is disrupted and the land could elementally rebel, and all Anthor might self-destruct. Arch Druid Oreli will tell you the rest in the village."
    • Comments: Occurs once
  • Milford
    • Requirements
    • Drops
    • "Here, take my rod while I use the stones to help the Druids create a purifying spring for the fish. In the meantime, go catch some!"
    • Comments: Occurs once
  • Fish Off the Dock





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