Monsters » Coyote




  • Energy: 45
  • Health: 45
  • Attack: 250
  • Defense: 180


  • Double Strike


11 Sapphire Ring after about 220 kills (5%)
On FB the drop rate is 43%. What is the value on MySpace?
In case anyone is wondering why the values above (40% and 5%) doesn't add up to 43%, it's because 43% is the value that something will drop at all. It incorporates a Straw only drop (95%*40%=38%), a Sapphire Ring only drop (60%*5%=3%) but also a Straw+Sapphire Ring drop (40%*5%=2%). Hence the value that nothing will drop at all is 60%*95%=57%, thus 43% is the chance that anything will drop at all.

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