Earth Elemental

Monsters ยป Earth Elemental


  • Stamina: 9



  • Energy: 1000
  • Health: 780
  • Attack: 50,000
  • Defense: 50,000



My drop rate is far from 30%, much closer to the 18% quoted on the discussion board. Did anyone kept the count of elementals killed??

From Cruiser-Randy: Killed it 346 times for 103 leaves (drops, misspelled "Leafe", but a drop nonetheless). Zasoby has been dropping the monster in 1-4 attempts (mostly 1-2). For strategy, it has no Annihilation, so keep health high. It has poor weapons, but high attack, and can heal faster than you can take it down, so high health is very effective (yes, healing gives it another chance to heal, but gives your attacks more clout). I am using 17,000 attack against it. Defense up, Power up, and Inferno (if your health and attack are lower, Oblivion will be more effective at first). If you have high health, you can pass on the Defense Up, which gives it one less chance to heal (but will cost you more damage in the battle).

AardWolf98: I've been doing defense up, power up, oblivion, heal (if monster heals back up I oblivion him again), then Inferno. The Oblivion saves a fair bit of energy and potions.

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