Site Explanation

Why We're Here

The editors of this wiki are all players of Hammerfall RPG on Facebook. This wiki was originally started because I (AardWolf98) was finding it hard to remember just what was required for certain quests between sessions with the game since I was playing so many other similar (but inferior) games. By its nature it is a spoiler site. If you want to discover things for yourself you should probably leave now or at the very least tread carefully.

Site Organization

As addressed on the main page there are three major sections: Items, Locations, and Monsters. Quests and what stores sell show up in the Locations. All three major sections reference each other. There is a fourth section for Attacks but it cannot exist by itself and is only referenced by monsters and occasionally locations.

Each section works the same: there is a main page and then there are a lot of children pages. Each section has its own template which I (Aardwolf98) respectfully ask you not play with unless you really understand what will happen - namely all the pages will be changed at once. When you're making a new page in the section the template for the page is filled in with helpful hints. When you're editing a page in a section the template is filled in with someone's answers to those helpful hints. On rare occasions the template for the section may be updated to allow for another area of content. This happened recently to allow image links to be provided. These areas will always be added to the bottom of the template and will be listed on the template page. A note will be added somewhere, maybe here. You can always add a new page and observe its template to see if anything's missing.

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